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Hi, my name's Lauren, but I go by Lo!

Welcome to your one stop marketing space for Social Media Management, Product Photography, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Website and Blog Management and Paid Advertising.

 I understand social media and creating engaging content can be challenging; that's why I'm here to assist all your needs with a tailored service suited to your business. Let's get started! 

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My Story

I am a graduate of Grand Valley State University where I studied Advertising and Public Relations and General Business. Throughout the years I have learned so much about the ever-changing world of marketing and I find it incredibly interesting. My skills range from brand strategizing to data analyzing and everything in between. My favorite part about marketing is that there are so many different paths to take and always something new to learn. I'm excited to keep growing professionally and continue advancing my skills. 

Throughout my career, I have held many different marketing positions which led me to opening HiLo Media Group. Most recently I was the marketing manager for CRUST - a baking company. Prior to that, I was a Marketing & Communications intern for Grand Valley State University Athletics, an Events Marketing Intern and an Advertising Sales Intern for a part of the USA Today Network under The Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News. 

I can attribute most of my marketing knowledge to my role as a marketing manager. ​My expertise varies greatly within the marketing field, I specialize in social media scheduling and management, graphic design, paid and earned advertising, photography, photo editing, crisis management, research and development, brand strategizing and much more. This role gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in everything remotely related to marketing and truly got me interested in building my own company.

As I continue through my life as a young professional in the business world I am excited to learn and grow in my career!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect!


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